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disease showed increased prevalence in Clerkenwell the 6 new cases

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will be held on Monday March 28th at 4 p.m. at the rooms

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fectly justifiable to cut down on such fractures and suture

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case not assumed to be dependent upon pyloric obstruction

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cases in which such communications exist are not usually ex

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not to attempt to bloik Mr. Balfour s Bill but to propose that

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to such operations as ovariotomy the removal of diseased

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of graduated walking exercises with a dietary restricted in

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place. I repeated the experiments and conducted others

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man urged the importance of their steadily maintaining

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and powerful and they might be assured that they would

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of a further patronage of American manufactures on the part

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cology and Medicinal Chemistry in the University of Halle.

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vate practice however interfered with the literary labours

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doorplates and the less instructed members of the public

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always or permanently efficacious whereas of course nephr

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suggested that death has been caused by the aspirating needle

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comparatively common and superlatively distressing but

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condition There are but few. The group of heart medicines

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Brain showing a number of small Tuberculous Growths

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the admission of advanced students the greater number of graduates

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early age of 27. He was born on November 15th 1870 and

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local interest to depend upon and as many of them haye

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English but if the Danish draftsman responsible for these

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ROCHFORD UNION. Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator for the

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ing institution. Malaria and dysentery were not the only

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think most surprising is that siriasis should have remained so

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This important Blue Book has made its annual appearance on

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attacked those who had not resided in the islands for more

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Dh. H. Nelson Edwards Slirewsbury writes With reference to the article

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by others than the public vaccinator 4. Has the public vaccinator

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remarks on the treatment of disease are of general applicability. A

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cases 1 should never think of prescribing any other member

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private members proposals a blocking notice cannot prevent

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antisepsis. In directing attention to the changes which these

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Insomnia in the Section of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

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wanted was the improvement of the technique. In my own

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sequence of this strain that the arch of the fused kidneys