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Union so that the continuity of action would not be broken.

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to the great loss the Society and the profession generally

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quent exhRUstion existed. The state of the teeth gave no

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registered. But more important still it is very desirable

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Palpation in the Diagnosis of Diseases of the Chest.

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cedent of the Koyal Artillery and Royal Engineers both of

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man in the course of his other practice undertook the most

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arrange meetings appoint a chairman registrar treasurer

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Association. Subject to certain provisions with regard to

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fallen from Dr. Dickinson said that it would perhaps have

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brain was not only diminutive but diseased the disease

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which was in some cases difl used in coarse granules

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herald an era of tolerance and even of goodwill towards men

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gave a crunching sensation as they moved over each other. The joint

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Surgeon Captain C. Boy ce ist Volunteer B.attalion the Queen s Own

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bave been divided that a portion of bone about i centimetre

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Landry s paralysis and acute disseminated encephalo

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the term haemophilic or bleeder tattooed into their

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very little attempt at isolation in some wards none in the

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infection in tuberculosis will in course of time take some

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remedial treatment. The difliculties diminish when we

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are two illustrations showing the microscopical appearances.

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give no approval to any measures containing features of the

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GLASGOW ST. MUNGQ S COLLEGE. Professorship of Forensic Medi

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ferably in a separate building for the infirmary proper nher

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showed specimt ns o Cysti ercus Celluloste from measley

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abdominal were compared and a preference expressed for the

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The Asbestos and Asbestic Company Limited 27 Billiter Buildings.

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left This Mr. Bidwell had wired but the same patella had

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the evidence which these reports contain so far as it relates

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so interfered with their nutrition. The change in the retina

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amination of the author s table did not seem to waiTant the

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tions of this order no doubt complicate the question very

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and defects of the Poor law and sanitary systems in Ireland

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years before the cause of onset being unknown. His family

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liaveu Braunton Hampstead Victoria Docks Edgbaston Whitby New

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The annual dinner of the Aberdeen University Club of

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deepest part this especially is the case when the convex

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tend to bring law and public opinion into harmony and

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maintained in the present issue. We are inclined to protest

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It may be adjnitted that they are written in no other known

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Health Ireland Act 37 and 38 Vic cap. 93 made compul

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growth of the tumour the absence of constitutional symptoms