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died from haemorrhage the result of accidents. The cause of

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quite well and was at work. 2 A man aged 53 admitted

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medical practice almost impossible by not defining the

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posed to think it exists as a general property of the proto

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informed be based upon that contained in a paper on the

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the practical conclusion which might be arrived at was that

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METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL Kingsland Road N E House Physician

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house infirmary training schools. At present they are few and

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tongue. The patient is cruelly maimed his speech is very

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strenuously laboured during many years This object admitted on all

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the Royal College of Physicians of London three by the Royal

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relegate treatment to any such so called systems are not

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deaths registered in Glasgow included iS from measles 4 from

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culated might be ligated or if sessile incised removed

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De. J. Briscoe Stephenson Bristol writes In further reply to your

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These facts have been culled from the Ann Medical De

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monest breech position thus arose from the second com

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was a wise one and should go far to prevent unpractical and

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Erigade Surgeou Lieutenant Colonel Potter considered

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cations relating to medical science. Books journals

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no medical importance. They are all brought into hos

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who sent to a local library for some work on anatomy and

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The following resolution passe i by the East York and

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the principles which I have just discussed may in favourable

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some alteration resulting in a condition of dystrophy and

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pian tubes and ovaries. The ureter has also been wounded in

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the public and of that class especially who are in the habit

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write its second letter to the Privy Council. More than once

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a much worse condition than if he had never been touched.

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thing however rare is left out indeed looked at from the

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in football tennis and other forms of strong muscular exer

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The questions proposed for discussion are the following

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Branch were more widely followed in India. The Canadian

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excreting it and if it is not being constantly manufictuied

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