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the abdomen not only for the relief t abdominal tubercu

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ceased. The boy got up for the first time on January 8tb

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dealt with by anticipating it by keeping ahead of its

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versity of Buda Pesth becoming Professor in 1879. Owing to

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We regret to announce the death of Dr. Ernst Luhwig

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are completely under the influence of chloroform. For such

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is useless when completed as it was in Van Hook s case. In

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against alcohol and certain forms of disease they have re

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hibition by Mr. Robert Jones of Liverpool. The specimen

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ptomatology and causation of the affections of the pancreas

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namely Paris Monfpellier Bordeaux Toulouse Lille Nancy Lyons.

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nwn direct representatives. The public will prove in the

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in your columns augurs well for the future and seems to

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pumps it out of the chest in short acts as an accessory

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projecting from under the left ribs. Its upper border

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Patience and perseverance brought about a cure. The patient

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Dr. Pavy s idea that a zymin can suddenly develop in a

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Urban District Council have taken umbrage at this report

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headache and general ma nise for a day or two none of them

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Human Tuberculosis by Disinfection of Places inhabited by

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Mr. Thomas also showed a skiagraph of a case of injury to

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Measles epidemics in London generally extend over a period

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vestigation and much valuable reform to be secured. It is

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gested that certain retroperitoneal cysts might have been

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made the best recovery under iron and arsenic and no one

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ton Board of Guardians requiring public vaccinators to

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shall cause the child to be vaccinated shall be twdve months iroia the

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Mr. Cannan throws considerable doubt on the compara

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nection of gastric dilatation with phthisis and chlorosis was

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desirability of establishing a medical service in the Crown

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In comment on the arguments which have been brought

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England. The inspectors had naturally to begin with ele

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to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or on

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loin which most often is the first indication and lucmaturia.

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taigne could say with some appearance of justice that phy

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remarkable. It is told of Boerhaave that on January nth

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This disappearance is not due to a storage as such in the

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and nose of the sucking pig of secretions from the mouth and

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money. Inspection is pronounced insuiticieut and unsatisfactory by the

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The annual dinner of the Koyal Medical Society was held on

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When admitted to the Children s Hospital the boy had long

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fession from which happily the profession as a body are fast

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nominated Principal Medical Officer of the Suakin Expedi

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mode of excrement disposal the wells also if not indeed for that reason

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patient s mode of life. A sample day s doings noted down

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prejudicial to heaUh or when the surgeon having tried and

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after a year cease to be an additional medical officer of the

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rally by directing the attention of the Local Government

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and unnecessary provision contained in the former Bill on its

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to which kidney the fistula belongs A woman who had un

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At the ripe old age of 81 the Chancellor of the Melbourne

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of Darlington himself a well known letter writer took it

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