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trary the detail of the experiments given in the report natur
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what is known of the origin etc. of the concretions in the
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to Dr. Horrocks which was accorded with acclamation. The
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could in all probability atop the haemorrhage but is not
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organisation of the Colonial Medical Department. The
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think that he attaches any weight to the opinion expressed
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That the members of the Union in general meeting assembled do
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humanitarian object nothing more. As we were the means
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is some similarity between the poiscm of tetanus and that
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Worcester. Third Assistant Medical Officer unmarried. Salary com
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and this may exist to the extent of producing reflex irrita
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far as its medical aspect is concerned it has signally failed
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merit the term idiopathic. This term carries with it an
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the introduction of asepsis into surgical practice. Formerly
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treatment has been tried and failed. If by any chance the
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make for itself. We hoped it might be into a bronchial tube
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note the prominence which is given to the work of the
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the jugular vein of a cat produce profound dilatation and
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to the General Medical Council. It is there enacted that
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of the country and therefore to place the constitution of the
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tagious enthusiasm his commanding personality that inde
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too there was the peculiar influence of abdominal section of
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a similar condition occurring at about the period of teething
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tie operations against the nati j XntVon o the services
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connection with the Congress there will be an exhibition of
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mature synostosis of its component parts. The following
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use of trazodone
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must demur to the principle. It would land us at once in
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say that no prejudice no unwise economy should prevent the
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the interpretations are widely different. The Hyderabad
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State Medical Education. According to ttie Philadelphia
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seems possible however if the left lobe is the part detached
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cular defect had determined the development of lateral curva
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had no control over its escape. For the last five or six
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important significance because it was at one time assumed
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The plague returns for the Nizam s dominions show an
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The connection between Grimsby shellfish and the occur
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From 74 cases collected by Dr. Walker he calculates that the
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tem including mental diseases. A series of short articles on
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geons he had been out in the bush without a doctor of any
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the judicious acceptance of volunteer assistance rendered by
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suggested itself. Tlie trovible in the rectum was long abiding. As soon
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fuse illnstratioDB of which more than 100 are original are
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any such rules only offer a premium to their ingenious evader
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in another column. He was called upon to produce evi
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discover the key to the safe administration of chloroform
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transverse wound in the second part of the duodenum. The
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