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iu Surgery. This letter is printed as an Appendix to this Report

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a quarter of an inch from its free end. Then with fine

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been numerous instances in which the want of the powers

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the report be not adopted and it has never since been

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persons with hereditary taint who after 50 have fallen

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ing basis and a reliable guide in treatment. In the position

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I WAS very interested in the memorandum communicated by

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the power of visceral muscles. Modern gastric instrumenta

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iiiriii. February tylh and to the Ediprr undated Edwin Folliott Sur

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The Local Government Board on the passing of the Act ol

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few months after the last confinement the tumour proving

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pital Rugby Challenge Cup from St. Thomas s Hospital which

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were discovered in other parts. He bore his long and trying

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ficiently long for the Commander in Chief sufficiently long

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falsehood. In dealing with the effect of the alteration of

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speedily recurs extensively and leads to an amount of suffer

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he obtained that appointment and that his two predeces

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in attributing to them much of the puerperal fever and other

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school. Cocaine is steady remaining at i5J oz. ethyl

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accompanied by cardiac lesions. The difference is a striking

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ground for suggesting that the Commissioners have spared

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and collapse and there are no signs of internal haemorrhage

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will be united into what will be called the Medical Army Corps.

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induration of the submaxillary and sublingual salivary

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point in the Medical Acts has been so interpreted by

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Whatever her title may be the woman who exercises her call

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sucli an otTicer be appointed to the sanitary district to furnish to the

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domiciliary practice has not lessened with that of lying in

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pirtance of other elements would be reduced. This might

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district under Section xi of the Public Health Ireland Act