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rules concerning the registration of the cause of death will be
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stamps and with this he dressed the wound successfully.
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The accounts presented showed that the heavy sickness
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glance we find it diflers from the Bill of last year by processes
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real disease when the battalion was inspected at Alexandria on Feb
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arrested the bones becoming very dense but not increasing
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aseptic by the usual measures. The abdomen is then opened
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society generally. He thought however that the evidence
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and character of these will influence the opinion of the
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in much the same condition notwithstanding the pressure
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The urban and rural authorities spent about 35 per cent of their income
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ticular process best adapted to various types of sewage. In
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Oflicer of Health to the Hampton Wick District Council.
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regularly. There is of course a slight difficulty in accepting
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practising in France has remained at the same figure for the
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universities were acquiescent if not actively helpful. In
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tenance of a vaccinated child might be transformed so as to
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graphing her expression ol regret at the sad news of the
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the case by the partial or total extirpation of the
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matter. The question will of course continue to receive very careful
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allowed to join during sickness. 3. Women and children could only be
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flush with the back of the neck. From front to back the head
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moved and at the same time that he be authorised to enlist
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nature and presence a large share of Irish wit more than an
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was found but granular kidney. General acute or subacute
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clause would probably provoke such opposition in the Com
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more ribs or costal cartilages may extend inwards perforate
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Resident Medical Officer doubly qualified. Appointment for six
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increase la.st week. The fatal cases of this disease which had been 33
their indiscriminate sale has given rise to several prosecu
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the staphylococcus pyogenes albus several non pathogenic
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another case she must obtain the authorisation of the sauitary officer
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abuse or imperfection which can be detected in it. We see
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against which the abuse is alleged. Further when a suffi
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face hoarseness of voice but no headaches or pains. Eyes