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had passed a sufllcient examination in all three branches of

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is not to the credit of the profession that there should be any

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Knal Report j Leicester 2.5 per cent of the vaccinate d and

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Wells also wrote advocating nephrotomy in some cases of

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A raysin the Treatment of Tuberculosis to be introduced by

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Ou my arrival I made a vaginal examination. The uterus

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life diet and surroundings and func ions of the patient must

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He suggests that much benefit would be derived from employing a a

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kidney of a young woman. The kidney was exposed through

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recovery followed but some two years afterwards he returned

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Institutions and through Post Roman Anarchy in the third

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abdominal wall should be arrested before the search

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Meetings of the Council will be held on April 13th

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such certificate in midwifery as may be approved by the Board and

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in which he raises a difficult practical question. He is

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everything at my disposal so that i I drew up the general

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nausea drowsiness a general feeling of weakness especially

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cases with an iron and T strap. Mr. Openshaw pointed out

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assessed it amounts to 42. The matter is therefore worth a little

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vert the Army Medical Staff into a corps on the lines of the

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was held last year and Dr. Arthur Ransome was declared

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the third molar and all the alveolar pr cesn wi h the sur

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the preconceived idea that heat is the sole effieient cause of

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Fellows and guests were present. After the usual loyal toasts

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abscesses might also be due to a pathological condition of

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victed both the practitioner in att udaoce and his assistant the latter

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open central canal. If thirsting for further knowledge he

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and the profession was often referred to untruthfully un

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in the author s suggestive work on Rural Sanitation the part

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reforms in our registration laws. So far nothing has

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representation of the British Medical Association will at that

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