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is nothing to distinguish simple tachycardia from that which

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it is attributable to the restless activity of early youth and

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Of such children the Committee approximately estimates

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for one or two English patients and two or three other rooms

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asked for and could be overcome by an offer of reasonable compensa

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coronary circulation in those who bed ridden or sofa ridden

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of an army corps of 35 000 men holding command over medical

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confined within the limits of a speciality. He contributed

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when lists had been asked for of the officers of a regiment the

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Upon this we may say that if Dr. Lawrie has failed to make

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certain conditions. Wnilst thousands ride immune a small

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in dispute at the beginning of the season have been arranged

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were properly based was the thorough investigation of every

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Colonies. The Association it is pointed out has undoubtedly

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eliminated has either pay decreased or work increased.

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ordinary litmus and reddened litmus paper and showed that

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Colonel AUaidyce stated that there had been 53 more cases

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general convulsions in the fourth week of his illness and in

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Jamsetjee Hospital was attacked and Dr. Gillespie the

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I the inflammation at the seat of the injection were consider

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He attributes the cases to two main causes the agency of polluted soil

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qualified by taking the very high diplomas of M.li. and

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JODRNAL. We have taken the t.st le ai op u contravene

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which it will be the object of the State to prevent.

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from dysentery can retain large doses of ipecacuanha in a re

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steps in the matter. So far as he knew the Council had no

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The following case seems to us to be worth recording as it

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was specially of use in inertia pure and simple where there

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