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If tlu term granular kidney meant the actual condition of

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disinfect but said that the vestry would charge for so doing

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small pox deaths as they did 139 deaths per 1 000 before the

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An ex ra supplement to the Clinical Journal of February 9th

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recovering from an attack of measles was left alone in a

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priate the sum of 60 000 dols. i2 ooo to enable the Health

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The patient is an.Testhetised. and the hepatic area rendered aseptic bT

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coloured diagrammatic points of view. Is tbere any varnishing or ether

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the drug acts directly upon the cirdio vascnlar muscle we

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material deformity but in which prolonged rest has been

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increases the amount of sugar m the blood leaving the liver.

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wives to practise without the intervention of a duly

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explained to the Committee that there was great delay in

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ing order and silence in the amphitheatre. This facetious

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week. After discussion it soon became apparent that the

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ment or two will decide the fate of the midwife. But the

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extent false because it did not suggest that lead poisoning

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tioned amougst others Brigade Surgcon Lieutenant Coionel A. S. Reid

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tube on the uterine side of the rupture the dilated portion

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credence than those submitted after the previous out

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Hernia in which the vermiform appendix could be distinctly

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Prussia was as generally vaccinated and revaccinated before