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case of Primary Epithelioma of the Uvula with two coloured

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Board to prevent any registered midwife from assuming medical

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joints like other organs such as the kidney the lungs and the

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AT the first annual meeting of the Weston supe. Mare Provident

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or of some other such growth. The surgeon has proceeded

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patient before and after oneration. The second series of

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Dreschfeld said he had seen bad cases do very well when

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tions legac es and interest on funds invested. The year y

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persons who had lived with one kidney the other havingbeen

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Wir bech. He was a member of the Wisbech Corporation for

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The discussion was continued by Dr. Shirley Jones Droit

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Agenda Minutes of the Guildford meeting. To decide v hen the next

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The child was a little collapsed after the operation but it

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bacillus from allied forms. He held that serum dia

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years old among 1 959 vaccinated persons attacked there

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of the cases of smallpox occurring in the Vienna General

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Pbysioian Extraordinary to Her Majesty the Queen Physician to the

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dependent upon any damage to the nerves at the seat of

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a recent and in three of the five cases very considerable

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may be wide and pass through the greater part of one lobe

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important judicial tribunals against him. How does he meet

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being illustrated by some admirable photographs. Micro

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pnunding the liver immediately after death with sand to

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years in practice and had never met with such a case to my

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yield a less poiverf uUy amylolytic product than the treatment

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these acute cases excision should not be performed until by

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aorta was controlled and Syme was able to tie the common

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tion should purchase a certain area of land round about the

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some of the females and children. Your correspondent very

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as the Australian Branches retain their association with the

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vaginal fistula was closed. No sooner had this been success

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tification in 1893 expressed tlie opinion that the absence of legal require

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borough and county throughout Devon and Cornwall namely Barn

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Staff Surgeon twelve years later. He was Staff Surgeon of tlie Cossack and