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ties. Difficulties then arose with the local medical profes

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tumour and the portion oi liver beyond the ligature. At the

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physiologist will decide that his accusation is unwarranted.

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with our New York contemporary hand ine.rperti of this par

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paper helps us but little towards a solution. His chief argu

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and nephrolithotomv was suggested many years before it was

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small quantities. A ligature applied to the base of this

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once arranged for the patient s reception at Bumper Hall

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solicitor before testing the point by legal proceedings.

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in the late stages. He had opened a good many hips in the

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itself will be able to make good use of Mr. Reynolds Ball s

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mendation on what is already done in Ireland. In that

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ments for the publication of Lehmann s Medicinische Hattdat

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he had myopia with considerable astigmatism in his right

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