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that the department has been undermanned for some years

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area produced more successful results. The question was

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But this is precisely the line of argument daily acted upon

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delivered. But it is not on the compasy that the heaviest

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Finally Bov e in 1895 adopted a plan which consists in

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out its prolongations and without removing the contents of

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not operated upon 76 per cent. dieQ within six years as against

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they would have to face a more costly alternative and this

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liament in Committee to a revision of the whole constructioa

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healthy kidney to have to do a second operation for quite

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cases a concealed spring convex outwards on the outer side

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found no trace of uric acid. The strongest reasons for think

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versity of Buda Pesth becoming Professor in 1879. Owing to

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external os was slightly opfu admitting the point of the

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were the most eommou diseases. Goitre is very prevalent in Upper

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night and morning. On the 9th endocarditis with mitral

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desires to draw attention is that Mr. Balfour s Bill not only

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that the eases mentioned by the author and by Mr. Bryant

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Dr. A. Morison questioned the propriety of too curious an

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stimulant to til e heart and hot drinks tend to relax arterial

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tliat he lost his life as an Englisli officer and a gentleman by

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sure to be controversy as to the wisdom and efficacy of the

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The table medical officers serving on the West Coast of

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registered. Counsel pressed for a summons as it was most

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I do not think this disturbance can be referred to ur emie

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not so generally recognised as it should be. In this con

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by Eegnier in 1S92 and since by Gersttr of New York in

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triangle below and carried upwards. The large vessels are

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in the others the swelling still remained but they were lost

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he was elected on the staff of the Eoyal Portsmouth Hospital

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In my judgment based upon these reports the proportion

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of the rectum Of the three operations mentioned clamp ligature

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Bill is remitted. If to a Committee of the whole House the

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Mr. TuELWALi. Thomas mentioned a case of double hip

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ing blood profusely. Shehad been a martyrto her stomach

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class and enable guardians to give them the chance of the

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small doses in threatened abortion and in subinvolution. 3

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