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and O. steamer Kaisar I IJind left Southampton on Sep
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recollection of making au analysis of Vimbos lozenges I found it neces
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two members present at the time. At the beginning of the
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aught they know would crave for opium ether henbane if
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changes either caused directly by these emotions or in
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did obtain a temporary footing in a few places. Certain
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only useless but an encumbrance. Syme s amputation and
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movement. The initial headache and vomiting soon sub
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prostate and its concomitant troubles. He was the victim of trouble
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last meeting forwarded to members of the Council of the
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The patient was a young woman aged 22 who was admitted into the
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have avoided alcohol for nearly seven hundred years and
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more slowly than water it would be well that this liquid
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accomplish more in the way of work than Americans usually
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man of the Pharmacopoeia Committee during the revision
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of meat and milk to convey tuberculosis it was pointed out
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fully acquainted with the views of those most aSected by the
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Dr. PuRSLOw showed an ovarian cyst which he had removed
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on the upper lip. The application of a fatty basis contain
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his appointment as Professor. On that occasion the Hungarian
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schools in Worcester by order of the Board of Guardians in
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solid with crystals on the addition of cold nitric acid.
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presystolic bruit soft and prolonged at the apex. Two years
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Leonard Guthrie Unilateral Syriugoiujtha. ur. James
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tional disorder who are relieved immediately by an eruption
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connected with the ureteral operation i being from tuber
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been recommended by Lord Herbert s Commission and that
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will be remembered applies not to acting but to writing.
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representative of the medical division of the War Office with
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deep perforations and extensive lacerations whicli involve
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and most reformers have done meaning not necessarily a
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Mr. Williamson considered that Dr. Christie had been