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which may readily be confirmed by anyone who will take the
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of the Surgeon General with the Government of India in
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and screw is likely much more than simpler and older
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opiates. And yet I believe that in these severe cases
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ing sound. He showed a skiagraph taken by Dr. Blacker
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not appear to have secuied a single adherent to his views in
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normal 700 per cent increase in the second there was no
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will I hope never be tried again hut such is the safety cf
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plete disappearance of staphylococci from the wound or ulcer
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centripetal path is still capable of conveying impulses to the
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of changes in the middle ear after Krause s extirpation of the
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and properly qualifli d doctor. Dr. Cullingworth says how
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committee reported in favour of a site at Ackworth and this was adopted.
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HoRNE and Surgeon General Potter. Dr. Denham in reply
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tions of the surroundings and not to any dill erence in the
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heart of the chloroformed animal was quickly stopped while
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human beings ought to be got rid of. Dr. Simpson remarked that
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abuses for we are well aware that they have. But the result
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inquiry with open doors and evidence on oath and as it
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pituitary body had been described in certain cases of acro
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James Stansfeld s estimate of 10 000 but expresses the
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sometimes weeks and yet the heat of the blood will not in
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sense of lassitude and fatigue remains for a lew days. It is
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is the task thrown upon the men who have to operate
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the diagnosis of evei y case returned to him. Where he is
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fingers of one hand. I was greatly encouraged when in the
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Nephrotomy is the operation which had received most con
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March 5th to my accusations he states that he had less
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factory and I am extremely glad to receive an assurance to
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ments were united by bone and there was almost complete
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hollows in the granite rock gave rise to malaria and the
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the erffo. Typhoid is not always notified at once. In one of
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beautifully the special morbid feature of each specimen. Dr.
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as required tracheotomy. Mr. Coutts gave the statistics
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tomy. Bardenheuer and in this country E. t iven and
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The recent decision in a case tried before Mr. Justice
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This book is an attempt to elucidate the cause or causes
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without damaging the artery and the vagus was not rightly
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January ist. Members af Branches are requested to pay
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hoped that tlie recommendations constitute the first step
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breath have a peculiar mousy odour which is as distinct
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Physicians was willing to join the deputation provided that
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understand this feature of the disease. Birds are usually
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Referring to the five years curriculum Two Junior Practi
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the psycho physical and the psycho physiological. Neces
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hatching from pupa. Its stomach contained a large number
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mens should be received in Edinburgh between July nth
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ing no scaly fibrillar or opaque appearance Over the area
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from the suture apertures in the liver tissue it may be
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DuRiNO the week ending Saturday last March 5th 881 births and 650
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of the omentum or mesentery. The possibility of a horseshoe
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expanded there has been no alteration in shape since the
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was held at the Institute of Painters in Water Colours I icca
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as house surgeons undertake the treatment of the poor in our
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advice from those who should know better than give it and
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announcements when they are made and we are glad to
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recently prevailed in Darlington and Middlesbrough is