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had the opportunity of minute and continuous observation

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children who are not imbecile and who cannot properly

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liver may be ruptured owing to contraction of the diaphragm.

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been made it would be necessaiy to add sixty officers to the

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and had performed it recently with a satisfactory result in

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He ultimately had excision done on account of marked

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in Ordinary to Her Kajesty the Queen for Scotland Edin

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scopic examination showed it to be composed of lamina of

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Sn rti os l arsfveVjr thJ adTrtisement some prophesiers cf

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sible bleeding points and then careful packing of the entire

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from the aperture of puncture into the peritoneum or the

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The Indian Medical Gazette at page 25 of the January num

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contained no tubercle bacilli but on cultivation colonies of slaphylo

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before death circumstances which explained the character of

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it is stated that the disease has existed in one partner for

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evidence of its nearer approach is to hand. In Lahore two

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Ireland and I sincerely thank the noble lord the head of the

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SeriotlB riots occurred in the native town on March 9th in.

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measure I am enabled to speak with full knowledge of the

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died of marasmus. The weight of the present fo tus was 7 lbs.

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dissemination. The microbe was found in the water and in

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vadvisedthat it should be removed and was then requested to

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ting to himself that tlie real impetus to legislation must

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divided into six groupa. The first of these suppurative

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Portsmouth Division Royal Marines March J4th Chahles Strick

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passages and in this connection let me ask what would be

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idea of the MB. degree as a qualification is scouted as absurd

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Siriasis is a widely spread disease in tropical and sub

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latter. At the termination of the last three years assistam y

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paper illustrated by microscopic specimens on local Necrosis

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were then placed vertically in the incubator at 37 C. A

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neath the skin at a point a little behind and below the

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tion had undergone little change. There was no improvement

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lumbar region by Godlee in 1887 by Kirkham and Torrey in

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sent to the members of the West London Medico Chirurgical

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disposed to coincide with many veterinarians that cystitis

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Dr. XoRMAN Moore showed two brothers aged 24 and 26

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to assume medical charge of the 3th Bombay Infantry.

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occasion when Sir Andrew Clark was elected. No doubt the

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printing to be stopped and all the copies already in type

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cases of nephrectomy for renal sarcoma in children. The

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and the Junior Local Examinations of the universities of the

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The husband immediately his suspicions were aroused insisted on

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February 5th that the recrudescence which has given rise

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The illustrations are excellent and the volume is worthy

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ladonna liniment with tincture of opium internally give most relief

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had it made with three ends a strong barrel for very tough

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the Branch on February 24th. Over 100 sat down under the

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Jearnt by doing it oneself. This has long been acted upon in

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Multitudinous evidence might be adduced I will take a few examples

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quieted way it assumed on the day when all the trouble

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which has been advanced by Unna and others there is not