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regarding Hie open air treatment of phthisis as carried out at Nordr.xch.

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informed of the death of her husband. She fainted and when

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mucus occasionally mixed with blood is ejected often in

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point to note and that is that the average period of stay is

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vaccination to be carried out Y our readers will remember

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tend that it is capable of spontaneous origin and of propaga

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cell appearance. Tlie blood vessels have a series of fibres

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eligible by any three members may be elected a member

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Operation. A diagnosis of probable central necrosis at the

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and atrophy in 7. Finally various unclassed conditions in 5

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Election of Officers. The office bearera for 189S were elected

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Medical Association had been the great motive power behind

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scraped away and the patient ultimately got quite well. At

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German. The subscription of members is los. and in receipt

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The resolution was carried unanimously and Professor

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cil had been compelled to resign the office of President of the

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continued growth. Really satisfactory cases of latency were

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is destined to render great services to country practitioners

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Upper BurmaU. There were 13 railway dispensaries open in which 34 148

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far between. We would hold up Halifax Union Infirmary as

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when you come to look into it they do not appear to be

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the facial artery is illustrated as extending upwards nearly to

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the windows faced the north. Further it was stated that

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chronic heart lesions he had observed that some of the

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jected into the blood is not all excreted by the kidneys and

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been considered and were being considered by the Sub

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argued that the declaration was unnecessary and that the exemption

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studying its weaknesses they may be overcome. After re

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recently with a well defined attack of scarlet fever evidently

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whole spinal canal was injected to the utmost with blood.

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to other means of eking out their incomes. Some of them


give highly nitrogenous foods especially those which contain

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prolonged journey. The anresthesia in Una cafe passed off

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Russian 4 Austrian 4 English 2 French i Swiss i Dutch

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remained not closed. One was treated by a thoracic operation

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along a station platform. Then he was seized with the most

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at the end of the first year of his attending surgical prac

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ation of the actual numbers afl ected in Bombay but we

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State in the hope and desire that these titles would meet the

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neighbouring ones. He wishes to disinfect a patient s bedding. He

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that he had seen a good deal of leprosy in Persia but had

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exhibited at the Ridley Art Club. Mr. Berry acknowledged

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tion in ordinary schools but capable of receiving instruction in the

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bution Committee certainly is not. Such an inquiry must

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reader but hardly perhaps in the sense Dr. Robertson

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the world su ft is from similar disabilities medical defence

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fluctuation and have thus been mistaken for ovurian cysts.

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to the Committee to night as will enable the flow of can

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disease very much. As a consequence where such provision

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proximity to the streams on the contrary malignant disease

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the production of cancerous tissue in the liver in cases of

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in the calendar year be actually as calculated by our contem

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He also showed the perimetric charts of a case of Symmetrical

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disease. The book is divided essentially into two parts the