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method of regulating the sex of offspring which he ridiculed
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metoclopramide adverse effects ati
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method was specially commended. Of 15 cases which had
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Index Catalogue of the Library of the Surffeon Oeneral s Office
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the College Museum. Such interest and afi ection for the
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ing the speculum the eye was douched with a gentle stream
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perfect or inaccurate description of a case be generally recognised as
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him to suspect the serum to be impure. Bacteriological ex
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ment when its parts though not yet fully elaborated are
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tion of minute vessels. In cases in which diarrheca has been
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valve. It was claimed that much more perfect expansion of
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Fourteen months after the first nephrolithotomy Hahn of
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that remained. No cerebral or other untoward symptoms
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which was near the normal. He could not speak nor could
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correspondent to consult his solicitor before actually taking legal pro