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summoned for next Tuesday week April 5th. The special
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bering that age must not he counted by the number of birth
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early an age a distinct position both in his own school and in
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pool and a company of about eighty sat down to dinner.
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fessor Waller described his method of experimentation and
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and hope to arrive at a more dehuite result both from a
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lantern slides and twenty microscopic specimens under
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was necessary to make the patient or one of similar size and
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By the process of desiccation the greater part of the bacilli
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runcture. Three varieties of this operation have been
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tuberculous disease of the udder. Some of these cows their
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thing from them. He allowed that the Germans had been
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plagues of Egypt provided he or she has been successfully
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Surgeon Major Freyer s article. It is difficult in the face of
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cent and the men at 32. These proportions were in excess of
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attention to an important subject. Formerly the treatment
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candidates were found deficient in spelling and that they
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the apparent effect that during the several weeks of the treat
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Committee on Hypnotism for the year 1891 be received and
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out of existence has the weight of the opinion of these two
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and Circulation Dr. Gustave Schorstein Diseases of the
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anaemia of the arterial system are the underlying factors in
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ever that this would constitute a yood d. fence especially as
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and confirmed at Carlisle in 1896 amending the Memorandum of Associa
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terms of unusual nomenclature and gives a short account of
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pression of driving a coach and four through an Act of
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tion of minute vessels. In cases in which diarrheca has been
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shelved for the moment but there is good reason to believe
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scheme affecting our interests but the Nationalists though
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case a cure had finally been effected by giving the last meal
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As to the number of midwives. Dr. Cullingworth quotes Sir
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The President said that in dealing with recent simple
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operation of excising the knee joint but I may briefly draw
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It would be better and cheaper that men selected for the
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thickened and indurated that it felt like an elongated stone.
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as regards the signing of death certificates the counter
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known as the Royal College of Chemistry. After he had
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you experience any difliculties with your voice fold your hands
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have a tedious collection of the forma of classification extend
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excellent recovery. In the Clinical Society s Transactions
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presentative British newspapers as well as of the leading
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men both of whom had had colitis and no arguments that I
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How came it that the local authorities were permitted to
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If it is found impracticable to keep the child under observa
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bad are ordered to be demolished others are emptied and
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terest occurred in the practice of Professor Billroth where in
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wiring were carried out even then there was no guarantee that
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from practising for the same reasons as were given in
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only 4 784 children have been thus dealt with. The return
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The employment of British soldiers in the inspecting parties
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found with.noticeably poor vision which could not be corrected
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existence for nearly twenty years and that it had first
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here in Montreal a large contingent of Canadian members of
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Dr. Saundby said that if the society had a rule the doctor
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right or title to be registered under the Medical Acts or to
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the Gordon Highlanders face that hail of bullets at the Pass
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It is well adapted to its object being simply and lucidly
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Jliddlesbrongh it would appear to be inevitable that these
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the goodwill and countenance of the native headmen it is
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arrangement of these fibres is at first difficult to follow on
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which we have been at some pains to indicate in previous
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plaintiff therefore brought h S action contending that he was a duly
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How is the large amount of heifer vaccine now us d obtained
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but a detailed investigation to exclude their presence was
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ling either parent had had the same disease as that parent
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