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gone three operations and had four long scars two on the
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name of kala azar or black fever. This scourge had been
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attendance and medicine for themselves and those of their
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pur which was below 17 north latitude a small township in
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infection is in fact produced by a specific germ and he
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Biological Society to congratulate its members when an
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nurses home. The building is to be fitted up with all the
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Leaving the solid ground of fact and venturing into the
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and this may exist to the extent of producing reflex irrita
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the Society have arisen from this cause. The result has been
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diflTerence what the ligature was made of provided it was
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American bacteriological work there is a good chapter on the
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tremely limited up and down during respiration only
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is lamentably confirmed by bodies which have no connection
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references. The illustrations are well selected but
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three divisions of the kingdom. Only by that means can a
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vision set forth in this Act and ahyaracndments of or additions to such
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for both diseases while St Marylebone llolborn and the Strand make
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The final resource was packing the wound with ice this
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twenty four hours. Under the microscope the growth was
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and pass them on to the teachers of histology to be taught
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are required for the establishment of a standard of purity and
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ing and became so intolerable in the ward that she was
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stituents of certain vegetables increase the solvency of gouty
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the average number of rate paid patients admitted was 338
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plete relief has been obtained by nephropexy. In other
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paste have been used with the object of opening and draining
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was admitted that this rule has never been published. It
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ing alcohol say by cjuadrupling the tax on it and enforcing
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will eventually take place to the advantage of both by mutual
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an increase in the staff should be made. There is however
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although more modern methods have removed this ground of
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whilst at play swallowed a lialfpeuny on March 27th 1S97. Having
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was not practicable. As regarded the second series
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mitted from one patient to another just as there was before a
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free of charge whereby they may receive the advice and skilful treat
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desire. So also the teacher may believe that the earth is
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the principal theories which have been brought forward to
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Physicians with wliom Mrs. Kernahan s first husband the
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with more accurate information they have not withdrawn the
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department. I therefore appeal to the right hon. gentleman
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their technical and as to their arts standard for said the
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M.D. Professor of Clinical and Military Mediciue in charge of Medical
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man in the position in which he was when struck to get a
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medical profession drawing attention to the facilities which
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and the penis and frequently causing retention of urine
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stress on the fact that this operation was now often done by
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bladder and throwing them into ridges and foMs against
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were in medical and mutual defence it seemed almost
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Burmah and the wet July. August and September the least healthy.
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of 1 10 cases of his own that recurrence of stone does not
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those of hospital practice The answer to the question con
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houses. Such transference however he admitted could not take place
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close the fist and withdraw and repeat this until there was
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of Tuberculous Shoulder joint with ankylosis in a child aged
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Van Hook points out an important fact in connection with
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means an unimportant matter. It would prevent the poor
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in the larynx or trachea of either child. All the organs were