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Convalescence was uninterrupted the leg was put up in a
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the leader in the British Medical Journal of February 9th
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to apply the hot pack clear out the bowels with enemata
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bones. The child was now well and at a Board school.
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inflamed bronchial glands and unmistakable evidence was
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divided vagus. He admitted that there remained many ob
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in preference to tapping The method of incision presented
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continued rapidly to increase with the length of storage. Dr.
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much can be done by an inquiry into the pecuniary aspect
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This leads me to mention what did happen in another case
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particularly affect the districts in which scarcity was most prevalent.
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retiring members of Council were re elected the accounts
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The cut ends were then dilated for an inch and approxi
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Diplopia in Arts. The Local Lectures Syndicate make an important
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to speculative actions being taken up on the part of a certain
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splitting the uterus was found helpful in bringing the broad
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duty soon made inroads upon a constitution never robust.
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rise to a good deal of discussion in which Dr. Binuham Dr.
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tuted a heavy tumour which would exert considerable pressure
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