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in France was distinctly hard on surgeons perhaps because
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to the calculus having become impacted in the prostatic
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being decided upon the lumbar operation gives a smaller
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other compounds has not proved satisfactory although Pro
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readily prepared and would be much cheaper especially if
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dence of positive value. Dr. Haig s explanations are abso
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grave complications which are noted certainly may occur but
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sponsible for their cases and see that the orders given by
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lish asylums and all the good work that has been done is due
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skin of the breast and then disappear. These nodules might
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losing his hold fell to the ground one foot having become
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secondarily become dilated and we akened. He treated the
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which was to obtain a littoral for the better aeration of any
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was normal in ten days. Menstrualior which for some
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individual. Moreover it would be less extensive than the
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it is often confounded with hysteria which is indeed one of
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of 75 cas s of lateral lithotomy there were 71 recoveries a
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The case further simulated stone because she passed a small
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example of bathos though it may well be doubted whether
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ill but not under medical treatment. On inquiry at the police station
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The readiest form of administering euchinin is the simple
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power and scarcely any noise or vibration. Petrol or doubly distilled
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manding the Buner Field Force reporting the operations of the force and
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B. Uninspected Calculi with Symptoms transferred to other
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below the lower border of the last rib. The locality and con
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in Midwifery and writing the letters L.M. after their name
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Royal Com. deaths have been removed from childhood to
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over the prisons so that the Irish asyhims should Jor the future be
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hospital I well remember urging ovariotomy in the case of a
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Wei ster is an experienced teacher hence the text is
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be issued by Messrs. Smith Elder more space will be given
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mime the Privy Council has power given it to make alter
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these alterations and additions arrangements have been
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gradually improved. At the end of three weeks it was quite
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emptying of the arteries through the capillaries. Now this
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stantly tied towels round her thighs and arms. As a result
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stomach and bowels and a case of haematemesis in the course
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injuries to bone as in fractures liad been materially helped.
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correcting the deformity and fixing the foot in plaster of
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attendance within the reach of a certain class at a certain
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of elimination the crisis with which we are familiar is clearly
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our political insignificance. If we as a united profession sent
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and motives and with the traits of character and the expe
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patient thought lit to be very ill after the operation her
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Junior. fiur correspondent has so far acted with due courtesy aud has
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the pelvic cavity. I ventured to diagnose sarcoma of the pelvis. This
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and who died within a few hours of exhaustion. The number
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payment of a retaining fee. The amount of his fee for.attend
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view of medical practice in the future in the face of the
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took place. His experiments proving this had never been
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of such an atmosphere by a hay fever atient would give repeated and
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Tklkgbaphic ADDBEsa. The telcKraphic address of the EDITOli of the BRITISH
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years of age entirely by their own work without outside
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Dr. James Hamilton had arrived at the stage of using
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moval of breast was discussed. Favourable indications for
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any tr atment allows only two conditions of heart to contra
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tongue with a mass ot submaxillary glands three and a half
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contfDued. The registrars should report all cases of uncertified deaths
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In the words of the Vice Chancellor the Medical School of Cambridge
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calls upon the Council to legalise without further delav the amended