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nal parietes in emptying the hepatic and other abdominal
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Council. Eventually it was agreed that the report be
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regard to prognosis the next point is to investigate the
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man could commit himself to such an absolutely untrue
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names of medical men strongly recommended by the society.
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Henry Dickson s career at his hospital had marked him out
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Altogether the papers in the Medical Annuallorm a valuable
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nesium sulphate and dilute sulphuric acid that I had any
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parison of the four methods above described. As far as results
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and their infants from such persons 3 to make better pro
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of correction rarely extended beyond the first page of the
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difficulty in recognising it. It is possible that the tincture of colocynth
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the promising results that have been mentioned deals very
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during tlie year. A sick fund was established at the beginning
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A prolonged discussion ensued and on the motion of Mr.
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uiual subjective symptoms accompanying the development
high dose oral prednisone ms
by making a statutory declaration of conscientious objections.
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able pen of Dr. Hayman Thornhill of the Ceylon Medical
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the chairman of each rural district council will be a member
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three to nine months in 96 per cent of the eases in death
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but as the li gt morrhage continued nix of the fluid extract
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schol.irship and his knowledge was vivified by a keen sense
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decision lay had however to be obtained and on March 13th
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showing transitional changes to the spheroidal celled
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arrived from England. Both the sickness and the mortality were princi
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had complained only of pain along the outer side of the
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two latter authors describe both methods they may be ab
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