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in the private patients. The results are compared in these

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ings in one other language. Professor Ott made an eloquent

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efficacious in even the most obstinate cases contained

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sickness and mortality were lower than in 1S95 and con

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Our correspondent is in error in assuming that our com

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combination seemed staring them in the face. Although this

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puncture has been at once fatal. No explanation appears to

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of a physician according to his own best skill and judgment

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wagon costs about. 143 accommodates twelve persons but would re

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A PArER on the desirability of making Watershed Areas

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Church. The question having been referred to the highest

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the only citizen of the French Kepublic who pays no taxes

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our grateful recognition of the pi inciples laid down in

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stomach and i of carcinoma of the liver while of the 6 yet

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lialile to blue fits. The pulmonary artery would only

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Confirmation of Minutes. The minutes of the last meeting

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It will be interesting to see what action they take when dis

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were 136 deaths or 6.9 per cent. and among 331 unvaccinated

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Bickerton and others in this country. Some facts pointing a

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to be the specific agent but these researches require con

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members of the old societies who may join the new Associa

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be gauged by efforts which have been made to deal with

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deen and the College of Preceptors respectively. The

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paralysis. In the latter class of cases sensibility if affected

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operating upon the liver that in adult female patients

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eligible for re election until after the lapse of one year.

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further urged that any diminution or withdrawal of the

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Orator and Hunterian Society s Lecturer proposed by Dr.

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whilst its origin was nephrectomy its progress esptciaily

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by high flown scientific schemes which would tend only to

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the Association 429 Strand. The rooms are open from 10

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authority and its medical officer are only admitted to visit

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the preceding five years for tlie whole province 23.92. These figures fall

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the tibia orchitis ending in suppuration in the pus of which

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course annexed that those claiming such fees should vac

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Boards of Governors local bodies analogous to the old

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bable that any rules and regulations to the contrary drawn

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himself states that the Hyderabad Commission did not

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be as far as possible to ignore the medical brancli of the

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moned specially to consider was the Obstetric Nurses Bill a

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It will be observed from the foregoing that the Association

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or contracted prepuce I have no space to dilate and can only

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dated army medical corps in which medical officers will

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kidney weighed i oz. the left 7J ozs. Atrophied kidney em

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taken up by the Jledical Defence Union was remarkable

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But not only were Mr. Wright s time and thought given to

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attractive little bottles of tabloids which are so freely scat

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have described instances of this degree of cardiac disturb

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of our Lobby correspondents that the Government intend to

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the capture of theTanga I ass in January last. Sir Bindon among other

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it has awakened the interest of a large number of the inhabi

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tion very similar to that which is found in fibroid phthisis