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Pyridium 200 Mg Side Effects

It would appear therefore that it is the intention of the

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can be driven from later periods of life by means of re

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these tacts. If Mr. Bayley wants to discredit them he must

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child 3 years of age. It appears that the child who was

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made the best recovery under iron and arsenic and no one

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element in the inspectorate would be very great. While

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In some cases the size of the arteries was not uniform the

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tion which if not removed would terminate in stenosis.

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ment by incision through the abdominal wall is the best

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gestion as to how the requisite standard of protection is to

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spheres which had to be torn open to expose the corpus

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the city. There have recently been issued the annual reports

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Railway Company which were treated by Dr. Kay so early as

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head was carried. Dr. Woodhead replied and the meeting

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monly the anterior abdominal wall the liver or the inferior

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were not members of this Society and that members could

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and in future a Master in Surgery of a university or a Fellow

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tion but he confessed that he could not understand why in

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speakers which foreshadows the establishment near Man

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rules bearing on the sickness and mortality in the potteries and

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officer of health should be tree to make any examination

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governors keep a main eye on the poor rate and the asylums

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The pathology of infective endocarditis will be broadly

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later the mass round the vessels had increased considerably

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be issued by Messrs. Smith Elder more space will be given

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break of typhoid fever occurred in St. Osyth and Dr. Cook

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Meanwhile we would observe that the proposals of the

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Richard Quain s house in Harley Street which also con

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Professor McWeeney said that for students who did not

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used the serum of the British Institute of Preventive

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man in the position at the head of the Veterinary Depart

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Hospital Abuse The Liverpool Medical Club in pursu

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mental Committees now investigating dangerous trades such for

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He was also in the Leeds General Infirmary some twenty three years ago

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A CORRESPONDENT of the Deutsc ie mcdicinische Wuchoischrift

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cither immediate or rellex pathological lesion may be prevented by

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regarding Sympathetic Ophthalmia. Dr. Tennant read a

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WEST LONDON HOSPITAL. Hammersmith Road W. House Physician

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complicated ca es to inform the patient that he would be ex

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stone supplies when they yield positive results he would be

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hospital fob Consumption and Diseases of the Chest Brompton

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mental process alone. The Bill is doubtless aimed at the

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of the General Plague Hospital at Poona which is in my

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lady nu iVlflispase during the perioi marked and had acce

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friendly societies in England to their medical men that was

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late. It the profession had spoken out in similar tones at

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and in a way that brings discredit to themselves and needless

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on the subject of certifying freedom from infection calls

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sympathy with her in her great loss. The large number of

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