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the most frequent of all malignant tumours occurring in the
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tion which if not removed would terminate in stenosis.
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He served in the Afghan War of 1879 80 and received the
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somnia is barbarous in the extreme. The most remarkable
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Boards of Guardians as at present. This really amounts to
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of syphilis in either case. The abortion in the first case
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lations which are found springing from the umbilicus out of
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By establishing a permanent communication between the
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fascial bands were divided on the front and outer side of the
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the adoption of the report of the special Committee said
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the whole field of treatment in every department of the heal
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stitution. Dr. Thomas Henderson who is a graduate of the
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A Manual of Operative Surgery. By Lewis A. Stimson
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lated to show anything no one doubts but it is more difficult
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years of age. In the other series of eases the patients are
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of artery digitalis is not wanted and a powerful drug when
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category into two groups endogenous and exogenous. The
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the Board of Charities much concern. All the State hospitals are
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to proceed on as he could not tell how far the medical
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made to repress it. This scourge is a factor in the depopu
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dependent upon any damage to the nerves at the seat of
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if not paid for at the time should be accompanied by a reference.