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should bear a fixed and definite proportion to the rent of
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Paris Academic de Medeciue. He was President of the
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ventricles and the subarachnoid space it was hoped that
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But university examinations are not all conducted for the
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Professor Symington had shown were probably the most
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strict recumbency is oi course essential in the grave cases I
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operations immediately following it were transferred to the
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the urine both before and after the nephrolithotomy must
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Most commonly the antero inferior portion of the right lobe
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fluenza the deaths from diseases of the chest were consider
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far as possible experimental data were given so that at
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stand the test of time and of temperate consideration cannot
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be very disappointing to the official opponents of the Army
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time when I saw her she had been confiQed to her bed for
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Local Taxation Ireland Account the allocation of which is
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friend during the early as well as the later stages of his
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of renal surgery hope I have succeeded in showing that
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nominated Principal Medical Officer of the Suakin Expedi
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the case of Sarcoma Cutis previously shown by him. The
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Sir The reply printed in the British Medical Journal
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disease was excessive in Kensington Hammersmith and
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and therefore the British practitioners are very desirous of
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tonsillar Fossa. The space which was met with in the
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have bten registered in the poison book since morphine is a poisonous
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onset with vomiting the entirely abdominal nature of the
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Sir I have read with much interest the article upon The
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amendment to Section xi of the Public Health Act which
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applied before the ulse lias stopped frequently fails to
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sent. On each side below the point of resection the vas deferens
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made Martini bullets causing serious wounds with splintering of the
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mends that the present nine departments should be grouped
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No sanitary shortcomings of the city or its population how
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human nature by means of object lessons drawn from the
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purpose of getting medical benefit cheap. When therefore
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umbilical hernia is also not so easily treated with success.
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of the lymphatic glands and later the spleen enlarged. His
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and the disposal of sewage. Barrels and tanks isolatior.
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from the date of this operation all the urine was lassed
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know the experience of others of his colleagues and whether the
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C Unsuspected Calculi with Hiqh Temperature and Great
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fistula or if not then gradual destruction of the kidney from
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Convention. The evolution of the Dum Dum bullet is vei y
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to judge the character of the rest and Latin is perhaps the
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direction is contained in a paper read before the British
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qualified by taking the very high diplomas of M.li. and
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from below upwards to the renal pelvis. The ends of the
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elected a Fellow of the Royal Society and so recently as last
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carry out the wit hes expressed by resolutions at the annual
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the etiology and pathology of the disease they however
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speakers which foreshadows the establishment near Man
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no medical evidence is taken thus making the inquiry into the
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skiagraph kindly taken for me by Mr. Ernest Payne in
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supervene. A running pulse irregular from loss of vagus
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to be discharged in the immediate proximity of the oyster
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of a case of mycosis fungoides upon the face and arm show
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ings of the Association which were opposed to the introduc
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Dn Richard Neale Finchley Road writes At p. 540 of the British
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Committee at the annual meeting at Carlisle 1896. This
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we have mentioned are of a class quite suitable to little
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The anterior was closed by peritoneal adhesions. The post
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The Committee was named Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Liddell
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brought them down hut the head struck firmly in the cervix
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but tough. Indeed we may say as the legendary bishop