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experienced in learning of the death of Mr. Ernest Hart late Editor of
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representing 6 383 volumes and 14 802 pamphlets. It also
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of the Technique of Serum Diagnosis 2 Demonstration of Method of
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bladder is met with more frequently than at any age before 50
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then it behoves the profession to direct the attention of Par
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were ordered to serve there nolcnR volenti and were thus treated dif
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to the fact that in cases of hemiplegia from cerebral hfemor
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to beat but is incapable of emptying its cavities. A
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there. Corroborative evidence of mediastinal implication was
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tributed in the infected streets and to close the schools
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them at first such reports point to some of the evils which
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should be protected and restricted. The point was raised at
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speak with any certainty first on account of the conflict of
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not veiy uncommon in London the records of St. Bartholo
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method of calculation be regarded as altogether satisfactory.
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cessfully during the year and a considerable amount of work
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almost certainly would have won many laurels. The large
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effect of discussing this before the youthful patient Of course the
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sion it was decided that a deputation should wait on the East
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mere incision made by mistake. Indeed the incision made